Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Away Notice

Dear beloved customers,

We are a tad bit busy due to university commitments. Hence, there might be a little delay in email replies, please bare with us. To those who have ordered, with a deposit or full payment made, do not worry as your orders have been placed. We will contact you once your item reaches us.

Please take note that we will no longer accept Supre and Marc Jacobs
order until further notice.

Continue supporting us and subscribe if you haven't already as we will be back with bigger, bolder and better things! All activities will be back to normal once we've settled down, we promise :)

Boxing Day xoxo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Remember our best selling Marc Jacobs Shiny Tote that sold out within a week?
Well we got uber great news for you as we will be restocking this bag, and if thats not good enough, we managed to beg our supplier to buy them in bulk so we could save on shipping fees and the saving goes directly to you as we are offering them at the same ol' affordable price!

Only 3 pieces of each colour
are available for grabs!
**First come first served, those who are willing to pay deposit will be given priority

So hurry up and hit us through email to book yours now! or you can simply fill in the order form and wait for our confirmation. Easy peasy innit?


#1 Purple

#2 Blue

#3 Green

#4 Orange

#5 Pink

RM290.00 each
(deposit/installment is accepted, email us for further info)

So what are you waiting for guys?

On a side note, we are taking orders for Marc Jacobs Fist Duffle Bag. you know the drill, keep them emails coming :)


Friday, July 16, 2010

A million thanks!

Heya everyone, here's a little thank you note from us to all of you for your never ending support and continuous encouragement. Boy have we come a long way since the opening of this site just 2 months ago! So here's a shout out to all Boxing Day customers who have been nothing short of AMAZING! Love you guys to bits and pieces!

Our commitment to providing the finest products and services to our customers continues...

A reminder of on-going sprees just in case you're wondering:
YES! We do accept all orders from Supre's website.

Get Marc Jacobs Special Items at jaw dropping prices.
You seriously can't miss this!

Best News:
We offer flexible installment and accept deposit too!
(**applies to all spree orders and items in store too)

Feel free to email us, we'll be more than happy to answer you guys :)
Boxing Day signing off, xoxo

Monday, June 28, 2010

SUPRE Elastic Waist Dress

From left to right: Rose Printed, Washed Printed
Disco Printed, Aquarelle Printed

Love Printed, Searching Printed

Disco Printed, Aquarelle Printed,
Washed Printed
Fabric: 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane

Love Printed,Rose Printed, Searching Printed
Fabric: 100% Spun Rayon

Available sizes:
(please refer to Supre size chart in the right column
to avoid any confusion)

Superb Quality, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
RM65.00 each inclusive delivery

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coming soon...

It moisturizers, It soothes, It protects, It heals!

RM15 each inclusive postage!
*cheapest in town*
(Available for booking)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So Shop away!

paris and gold




chocolate and poppy

rose and gold (each sold seperately)
Plaited Headbands RM24.00 each inclusive shipping
Get your second one onwards @ RM20 each


Chain Headband RM24.00 inclusive shipping
Get your second one onwards @ RM20 each

Turban Style Headband RM35.00
-available in gold, ivory and black

Skinny Buckle Belt with links RM55.00
-available in black/gold, black/silver and marble grey/gold

Cable Knit Gloves RM55.00
-available in cream, charcoal, haze, white and black

Elastic Headband with mini round studs RM19.00
-available in cream, and black

Skinny Hipster Belt with gold buckle RM50.00

Narrow Stud Pyramid Belt RM50.00

Knee socks RM45.00

Knitted Beanie RM50.00
-available in haze, black, charcoal and cream

Snake Printed Button front open sleveless RM59.00

Cuff Top with front pockets RM55.00
-available in black, charcoal and midnight

Loose Raglan Top with cuffs RM68.00
-available in white, black, milk, charcoal, purple, light blue, marble grey,

Oversized shirt with dipping hem RM65.00
-also available in light purple, charcoal, marble grey, white, midnight and black

Semi Fitted Tshirt RM60.00

Cropped v-neck top RM60.00
-available in white and black

Long Sleeve Top with binding RM55.00
-available in white, black, sunset, dust and horizon

Stud Shoulder Top RM80.00
-available in haze cream, black, midnight and charcoal

Long Sleeve Shoulder Detail Top RM80.00
-available in white, cream, marble grey, black, midnight, haze and dusk

Knitted Cardigan RM65.00
-available in black and white

Scoop neck Cropped Knit Cardigan RM65.00
-available in rose, white, ziggy red, bluebell blue, eighties green, black, and marble grey

Satin Jumpsuit RM65.00
-available in quattro blue, black and moonbeam purple

Raglan 3/4 sleeve dress with front pockets RM59.00
-available in sunset, hurricane, agyness, dusk, black and white

Raglan Dress RM50.00
-available in cream and black

Side Gathered Mini Dress with shoulder pads RM95.00

Front Gather Dress RM89.00
-available in rose pink, light blue, purple, light purple, black, cream, light green, marble grey, black and white

Capsleeve Mini Dress with shoulder cuffs and back zipper RM85.00

Washed Printed Dress with elastic waist RM60.00
*ready stock- next day delivery*

Zipper Front Skirt RM50.00

Elastic Waist Skirt RM45.00
-available in dark denim, paris, denim marble and black

Fitted skirt with studs RM50.00

Visit www.supre.com.au for
more awesome goodies!
**We accept all orders from Supre's website
Deposit and installment is applicable too :)